The apparel line represents an extension of the couture collection SUSPENDED BODIES THAT WILL NEVER FALL, awarded in 2019 with the Lotto Sport and Diesel International Talent Support Awards and the Swiss Design Awards in the category Fashion & Textile. It includes a series of different wearable and accessible garments (Trench Coats, Hooked Leather Jackets, Jackets made of Blankets and Parachutes, Knitted Sweaters, Stripes Sweaters, Shirts, T-Shirts) and Accessories (Tote Bags and Scarves), upcycled into unique unisex luxury items. The collection includes limited edition series and a selection of items to customise from an individually curated selection of old textiles and garments that the customers can choose from an archive of garments available to order.

The campaign and lookbook by the photographer Jean-Vincent Simonet merge the beauty and the state of emergency caused by the climate change and the political uncertainty we live in. A unique insight of a dreamlike imagery that could look like a vision of an apocalyptical future but is actually an everyday reality.



by Jean-Vincent Simonet

The sky touches the ground,
Softly swiping it with a caresse.
No one is looking at the sky,
Because God is not there anymore.

Everyone is waiting for him to come back:
In the form of luck or Venus.

It smells as if the earth is burning.
The lights of the cars and motorcycles
Are illuminating the earth at night to keep it warm.

Who knows if when the day dies
And the night comes up, life stops?

The earth is crying and screaming in an unbreakable
And outraged noise.

We are all part of the same wandering tribe called by the urgent shouts

Coming from the bowels of the earth

And trying to stop the flowing of his tears.

© 2019 Rafael Kouto. All Rights Reserved.