still life


The apparel collection, represents a series of different wearable and accessible type of garments: Jackets, Sweaters, T-Shirts, Shirts, Dresses, Ensemble of trousers and Top with zip, and Accessoires: Tote bags and Scarves, upcycled into unique unisex screen printed luxury items. It is an extension of the couture collection ALL THE NOTHING THAT WILL REMAIN that represents a hybrid aesthetic of Western and African influences: funky, colourful and dazzled. It represents an assemblage and customisation of a selection of found discarded garments and textiles available for the customers to be chosen based on a series of garments and textiles available to order. The concept of open source couture will be communicated with transparency to the consumer which will receive an update about each step of the production in order to be engaged in the production process and to understand the new value system: from collecting, cleaning, disassemble, printing, embroidery, sewing, hand finishing and to the delivery. The interaction with the consumer is the main concept of the online shop for which it would also be possible to donate or send old unwanted garments to be upcycled and a repair service in order to extend the longevity of the garments. All the items are 100% remade in Switzerland by mixing upcycling with couture techniques and craftsmanships.



by Jean-Vincent Simonet

The sky touches the ground,
Softly swiping it with a caresse.
No one is looking at the sky,
Because God is not there anymore.

Everyone is waiting for him to come back:
In the form of luck or Venus.

It smells as if the earth is burning.
The lights of the cars and motorcycles
Are illuminating the earth at night to keep it warm.

Who knows if when the day dies
And the night comes up, life stops?

The earth is crying and screaming in an unbreakable
And outraged noise.

We are all part of the same wandering tribe called by the urgent shouts

Coming from the bowels of the earth

And trying to stop the flowing of his tears.

© 2019 Rafael Kouto. All Rights Reserved.